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 Madden 10 Rules

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PostSubject: Madden 10 Rules   Madden 10 Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2010 2:22 pm


1. Rules are subject to change at any time, so please check them often.

2. It is the responsibility of all the users of this ladder to know and understand the rules.

3. By sending or accepting a challenge in the challenge system, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules posted here. This includes posting or accepting challenges on the Match Finder.

4. Our goal here at Platform Gaming is to provide gamers with a place to find fair and competitive matches. In order to accomplish this goal, we will not tolerate players or teams that cause problems or attempt to undermine the positive atmosphere on Platform Gaming. This includes teams that cheat, dispute on purpose, or repeatedly abuse players. Violators will be dealt with accordingly including possible removal from all platforms. As with all accusations, valid proof must be provided. Please see the proof section below.

5. Platform Gaming prohibits members from creating or managing more than one team on a ladder from the same household as well as competing against each other. Multiple people from the same household may compete on Platform Gaming; however, only one username can be in a management position on a team. For example, only one username can be a Co-Leader or Leader on a team. All other usernames from the same household cannot be anything higher than member on any team.

6. Abuse of our volunteer Staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes written messages or verbal comments. Violators will be removed from all platforms and banned.

7. Team members are not able to change the name of their team. Only the leader of the team can change a team name change. Names must be appropriate and cannot be taken by another team on the same ladder.

8. Team names, blast messages, logos, avatars, and website links are subject to the Forum Rules.

9. Teams on a ladder must contain the minimum number of 3 player to remain active on a ladder. Teams without the minimum number of players - are subject to removal within a time period of two weeks.

10. All Platform Gaming accounts are property of pG.Gaming Inc. Any advertising of, or attempts to buy, sell, trade, or exchange an account by any means is strictly prohibited. Violators will be banned from the website and all related accounts terminated.

11. Users must utilize their own unique username for competing on Platform Gaming. This unique username must have been registered on www.platformgaming.net personally by the user. The registered username must contain the correct and complete Name, Address, and Email of the user. If a false Name, Address, or Email was entered, the user voids the privilege to participate.

12. As a user, you are personally responsible for accepting an invitation to a team. Someone else cannot accept a team invitation for you. If you do not personally accept a team invitation, you may be disqualified from competing.

13. Users are prohibited from sharing account information stored on Platform Gaming with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: usernames, passwords, gamertags, email accounts, etc. If another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the group and removed from Platform Gaming.

14. A team cannot play the same team more than once within a 12 hour period.


1. A team has 15 minutes to show-up with the proper number of minimum players (3) and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.

2. To receive a no-show win, you must submit proof to a referee within 30 minutes of the scheduled match time. You must also report the match as a win for your team.


1. Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 30 minutes of its completion. If teams do not report matching results, the match will result in a ‘dispute’. Both teams are then required to submit any valid proof they have. Teams can also resolve their own disputes by changing the scores they reported for the match. To do this, teams must go into the match report screen for the disputed match and change the scores within 24 hours of the scheduled start time.

2. Matches that go unreported by one team will be reported automatically for the team that did report. Matches that go unreported by both teams will be deleted automatically.

3. Any team found to report as the winning team before the match is played or completed will be subject to penalties.


1. The use of any communications other than what is provided within the game is prohibited. For example, the use of Skype or private chatting during a match is not allowed. The only exception to this rule is for games that give you no advantage by using outside communication.

2. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Teams caught cheating, “glitching”, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from Platform Gaming.

3. If your team receives a win that was not earned or played, you must submit a ticket to have it removed. Failure to do so will result in your team being removed from Platform Gaming.

1. You need to show proof of winning each map/game in a match to be given the win for it. All proof must be clearly visible and show the in-game full scoreboard during the completion of that map/game. The proof must clearly show both team's players to be considered valid. Essentially, proof needs to be large enough in size to clearly read all scores and gamertags.

2. For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser. To submit a glitching or cheating claim, you must submit a ticket and include the URL link containing valid proof.

3. All conversations between users are not considered proof. This includes AIMs, emails, PMs, etc.



1.Game settings will be as followed.

◦Game Type = Ranked

■Quarter Length = 7 Minutes
■Game Skill Level = All-Pro


1.All matches must be played in their entirety unless both teams agree to postpone the match or remove the challenge. If agreed, both teams must submit a ticket requesting the postponement or challenge removal. A referee can be contacted to witness the agreement details.

2.Randomized teams MUST be used unless teams choose to use the pick team option in the challenge.

3.The higher-ranked team at match time chooses Home or Away. If both teams are unranked, the team ID number will be used with the lower numbered team ID choosing Home or Away.

4.A standard ladder match will be 1 full game, 7 minute quarters.

5.If either player drops once the game has started, the player that dropped will lose the match.

6.If both players accept a friendly quit anytime during the match, the match will automatically be deleted.

Thankyou for taking your time to read our rules, we hope you enjoy using www.platformgaming.net and good luck on your ladder entries.
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Madden 10 Rules
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